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As a native Shetlander, Sarah has always felt a strong emotional connection to Scotland’s most northern islands - The Shetland Islands.  These group of islands in the North Sea has inspired much of her artwork; Shetland’s dramatic landscape, dark winters, bright summers and wild and windy weather. 

Growing up on an islands called Whalsay, Sarah spent much of her childhood exploring the Shetland coastline; discovering shells, stones, sea glass and pottery. Sarah continues to enjoy exploring Shetland's beaches, and much of what she collects is now used in her artwork. 

Now living in Scalloway, her journey to become an artist was further inspired by the vast, unoccupied space that once surrounded her house. Appropriately named Highlands due to its challenging slope and fantastic views, Sarah designed and created a garden, rich in textures and levels.

Just as she would with artwork, Sarah considered the size, shapes and textures available to her; choosing certain colours of plant combinations to fit the layout. Her previous experience growing and caring for plants meant she knew what conditions and Shetland plant species suited the space.

Sarah crafts each piece by hand in her Scalloway studio using a mix of epoxy resin, metallic pigments and acrylic paint.

Resin is a durable and long-lasting material, so you can be sure that your seascape will stand the test of time. With proper care, it will retain its beauty for years to come.

West Sandwick Shetland, Artwork by Sarah Kay

Shetland Inspired Resin Artwork

Much of the inspiration behind Sarah's artwork comes from the islands she calls home - The Shetland Islands. With over 1,700 miles of coastline made up of of white sand beaches, crystal clear coves and rugged cliffs; inspiration can be found in an unlimited supply. Sarah's unstoppable creative energy and passion for her islands is at the heart of her artwork.

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Sarah Kay's Shetland Garden, Scalloway Shetland, Visit Scotland Attraction

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Shetland Garden, Scalloway

Sarah's passion grew in her garden which overlooks Scalloway Castle and the islands beyond. Situated on the hillside overlooking the Scalloway castle and the islands beyond is open to visitors. Her garden hosts a range of locally grown Shetland species. Visitors can also arrange to visit her studio and shop; featuring a collection of her Shetland Artwork & Jewellery which is available to buy.

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Sarah Kay Underwater photography and prints Shetland

Underwater Photography

Sarah first discovered her passion for sea swimming back in 2020 when she a dip at Meal Beach in Burra, Shetland. She now swims at various beaches around Shetland, equipped with her underwater camera. Her underwater prints and colourful artwork inspired by the underwater world can be purchased from her underwater collection.

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