Ultimate Sea glass from Shetland.

Ultimate Sea glass from Shetland.

Having been fascinated by treasure hunting around our Islands since a very small child - I though I would share some of my favourite pieces of glass with you. This is my Ultimate Shetland sea glass collection!

Sea glass is glass found along a sea or shoreline. Sea glass can be fragments, shards and remnants of glass pieces that, for a variety of reasons has ended up naturally tumbling along a shore or beach. How these pieces of glass ended up on beaches has many explanations - Humans around the world have been discarding refuse glass: tableware, bottles, window panes, dishes etc into the sea from ships and onto beachside land fills for hundreds of years.

You can see my prized and only red piece in the picture has now been identified by a vintage car collector as a piece of headlight! The car collector was able to tell me which type of car it was from!

The 2 marbles I found at Vidlin (next tot he Whalsay ferry) are worn down to half their size, you wonder if it was children playing at the beach who lost them? or were they used inside Codd bottles? (Hiram Codd invented the Cold bottle i 1872, which used a glass marble to block the neck of the bottle and keep a soft drink carbonated.) Codd bottle marbles are green in colour and are highly prized, I love mine!

Living on The Shetland Islands there are plenty of beaches and cost line to check out. The weather is friendly to sea glass hunters as well; frequent storms stir up the waves and rain to keep other beachgoers away!

Rare coloured glass includes- Lavender, turquoise, pink, gray and black. Super Ultra rare includes - Orange, Yellow and red! Also collector favourites are the bottle stoppers, I have a few but not many. My own favourite glass finds are beads, as I love to imagine what the necklace would look like and who wore it, when! I also love to use my sea glass treasure in my own jewellery with resin - for the full collection visit my webshop - www.sarahkayarts.com

Please let me know your favourite sea glass find!

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