The mystery of the glass - Scalloway

The mystery of the glass - Scalloway

Following the wild storms we had over christmas I have been able to get out and see what treasures the wild seas have thrown up! The outdoors provides a huge amount of materials and inspiration for my work, and I love observing the changes in the seasons and local habitats.

Whenever possible I take my 5 year old son with me. We love to explore the local seashore for treasure! We have found a huge variety of different things and notice how each beach is very different in many ways.

In Scalloway, we found a large selection of different coloured bottle necks, which was unusual. They were a real challenge to use, until I came up with the idea of cutting out a channel in a wood board and arranging the bottle necks by colour. The piece of work is defiantly one of a kind, and is available to buy in my website shop.

At a glance, the head of the voe at Scalloway looks a bit muddy and uninteresting, however on closer inspection we found their to be natural live mussel beds, as well as a great selection of patterned pottery pieces. I love to wonder where these pieces came from, and the lives they have lead.

Here's to more days spent exploring outside!! Days like these make for a super fun break from the IPad (for us both!)
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