Shetland’s treasure: brochs

Shetland’s treasure: brochs

Shetland’s treasure: brochs

Shetland is the theme for all my artwork: I was born and raised here, and have lived here all my life,  so I know it very well. But I’ve been thinking about was other people associate with Shetland.

As well as nature, sheep and ponies, we have great archaeology, with some sites providing iconic scenes around the islands.

One of the most spectacular is Mousa Broch. Thought to be constructed at around 100 BC, it holds the impressive record of being the finest preserved example of an Iron Age broch, the tallest broch still standing and amongst the best-preserved prehistoric buildings in Europe.

I’m embarrassed to say I have never actually been to the broch! But I will be there this summer.

Originally there were many more broths in Shetland, around 125, but unfortunately there is hardly any sign of them now, as the stones were used to build houses.

I have experimented with using Mousa in my artwork, and have produced small paintings with the northern lights in the background. These are framed in a mini box frame and included is a lucky cowrie shell!

These have been very popular, so I’m planning to make more ASAP. I want to keep working on the Mousa theme and sell these in the visitor centre next to the ferry which takes visitors to the island, and also on my website, of course, for anyone else who is interested.

Have you been to Mousa? It really is worth a trip.

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