Shetland scenes.

Shetland scenes.

Shetland is a huge inspiration to me, yet when I first began painting, almost three years ago now, I was keen to avoid the “typical” Shetland scenes: puffins, Shetland ponies, the lodberries.

However I’ve recently had a change of heart - and following the popularity of my Shetland landscape paintings, I’ve decided to have a go at a very typical Shetland Scene: St Ninians Isle.

I’ve realised that these images are typical because people love them! All of my own paintings featuring these more “typical” subjects have all sold, as they’ve been made.

As all of my artwork is Shetland inspired it makes sense for me to show off our beautiful islands’ landscapes, even the scenes that may have “been done before”. The beauty of art is that each artists’ take on a subject is individual, so while


these images may be familiar, they will be different, and my own interpretation of them.

I am open to suggestions of beautiful spots discovered around the islands, so please let mw know if there’s a scene you’d liek me to paint! I”d love to hear from you.

PS - I’m happy to say that all of my future paintings will also be available to buy as prints and cards.

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