New work, New Stockist!

New work, New Stockist!



As you might know, recently I’ve been working with resin, a new medium to me. I’m really enjoying using this, and am delighted to have taken some orders for my work.


A new stockist for 2018 is the  Scalloway Museum. Opened in its current location in 2012, the museum is fantastic and well worth a visit.  

There are collections relating to various aspects of Scalloway and Shetland’s history, including the fascinating story of the Shetland Bus: a Shetland based resistance movement which took place during the Second World War and involved boats travelling to and from Norway. This is a really amazing story and something worth checking out if you haven’t heard about it before.

The museum is very popular choice for locals and visitors to the islands, so I am very happy to have my work for sale there.

The resin work has been very popular so far, which is lovely. I use beach finds from around Shetland, including sea glass, shells, crabs claws, sea urchin shell and dried seaweed and have made keyrings, buttons and ornamental cones.


Each piece is individual and handmade and a chance to take home a real piece of Shetland.

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