Fine Art Shetland

Fine Art Shetland



I am pleased to reveal that i've been working on setting up a new art group in Shetland!

The aim of the group will be for artists to exhibit together and swap expertise. We have had much discussion over names and logos, but we're nearly there! We're thinking to go with Fine Art Shetland.

So far, 12 local artists have been invited to be part of the group, all with a huge range of skills: some with professional degrees and some self-taught. We do have some exhibition space pre-booked at venues throughout Shetland, with an agreed theme or format to ensure work from different people will "work" being hung together

I'm really excited at the opportunity the group will provide to learn and share knowledge and experiences with other artists. I will really value this, as I tend to spend a lot of time working solo.

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