Agricultural Show time - Shetland.

Agricultural Show time - Shetland.

Agricultural Show time -

Summertime in Shetland sees the local districts hosting their annual Agricultural shows.  Starting with The Voe show, followed by The Cunningsburgh show, then Whiteness/weisdale  host an indoors show of crafts, baking and veg/flowers.  These are good fun which attracts thousands of people. Vos show was for people who live in that district only to enter, but this year they have opened it up to any Shetland resident, which is exciting.  I always enter the Cunningsburgh show, as it has always been open to the whole of Shetland. So this year I was spoilt for choice and entered a mixture of items onto both. I enter approx 20+ items in Art, field and garden categories. Last year I won 1st for my painting of Scalloway. Which I have now sold to a couple from Sussex, England.

This year I won 1st for a painting at Voe, and a 2nd at Cunningsburgh. The cunnings burgh was  held on the 8th August.  The whiteness.weisdale show is due to be held on the 9th September which allows time for later flowering plants and veg to mature, often necessary as Shetland has a later growing season for some veg.  I plan to enter paintings, photography and possibly a decorated cake this year.  The shows is another opportunity to showcase my artwork as well as admire the talents of others, with outstanding examples of knitwear, embroidery and woodwork.

My 7 year old son came home with a trophy for his mixed media picture of our pet cats!   Due to be featured in the next edition of the II Sheltand magazine!
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