How important is an online presence for Sarah Kay Arts homemade business success?

How important is an online presence for Sarah Kay Arts homemade business success?

As you are probably aware, a website is a very important part of showcasing a product and connecting with customers. So, now that my website – is a year old – I thought it was time to take a fresh look at it!


I have decided to redesign the homepage, possibly to include a 360° video. My website also includes a shop and sold page to show what is currently available to buy and also show what has sold (there may only be one of a certain style, but I can make similar pieces if someone loves one in particular.)


Having a good online presence can be a vital tool when trying to sell a product and advertise what you make. Creating a worldwide possibility for customers also requires a commitment to post regularly, have high quality images and be consistent.


Most importantly, it is necessary to select the most suitable social media platform to suit your product and focus on that, as it’s unlikely that you would use them all effectively. I use Instagram, where you can find me as @sarahkay367  and Facebook – “Sarah Kay – artist” as well as an Etsy shop – Sarah Kay arts and my website and blog.

I hope you enjoy my efforts as much as I do following other artists and interesting people, who always inspire me to think up new ideas.


One of my favourite artists to follow is Hope Blamire. She paints landscapes, mainly of the Western Isles, and her Facebook page is full of colourful photos of the scenes that inspire her, as well as her work.





1000 Facebook likes!

1000 Facebook likes!



I was so delighted to see that the Sarah Kay Arts Facebook page recently reached 1,000 likes!


I really enjoy sharing my work with interested viewers, and it’s a great way to let people know what I have coming up, or what I’ve been working on.


Being an artist can feel like a one way conversation at times, but getting feedback from my followers is really lovely – I learn a lot this way, and it’s useful for coming up with new ideas.


Community is such an important thing, for artists and for everyone, and I’m so thankful to everyone who shares anything that I post. This is actually a great way to support artists, without having to buy something, so please do leave feedback for artists and work that you admire. It can go a long way.


I also enjoy using Instagram for my artwork, so please do join me! You can find me at @sarahkay376.

Art in Orkney!

Art in Orkney!

New outlets for my art: Orkney

There have been some exciting developments going on lately, which I’m excited to share with you!

Sarah Kay Arts has expanded into two outlets in Orkney.

Both are in Kirkwall, Orkney’s capital: Judith Glue, a well established gifts, knitwear and homeware shop on Kirkwall’s man street, and Mirrie Dancers – a brand new Shetland based chocolatiers which recently expanded, opening a new shop on Albert Street.

I had been aiming to have my work stocked in Orkney at some point, and while this is a bit sooner than i had expected, as a hige fan of the isles I’m utterly delighted.

I’ve been visiting Orkney for years and adore it. We regularly take weekend breaks there, usually out of the summer season.

I enjoy collecting seaglass and pottery from the beaches there, and only use genuine Orkney beachfinds in the artwork I sell there. I really hope people like it – I’d love to know what you think!

Grotie Buckies!

Grotie Buckies!

I’m always working on new designs and looking to nature for inspiration, and my latest design uses cowrie shells.

I’ve used small box frames (12.5cm square) to house a painted acrylic landscape, finished off with a cowrie shell.

Cowries – or Jenny Wrens as I knew them growing up (perhaps this is a Whalsay name. Let me know if you called them this too!) – are increasingly popular in jewellery making in Shetland. Several local artists have used casts of the tiny shell, so I thought I would have a go at using them in a different way.

I have however exhausted my supply, and slightly underestimated how rare they are to find! I think this might call for a special limited edition art piece.

Hrossey Exhibition.

Hrossey Exhibition.


2017 is already shaping up to be an exciting year, work wise. I got some exciting news recently with the offer of a brilliant opportunity from Northlink ferries: I have been selected to have my artwork displayed onboard one of their ferries!

The Hrossey is one of two passenger ships which sails between Shetland, Aberdeen and Orkney. Footfall on the ferries is huge, so this is a fantastic opportunity for my artwork to be seen. Passengers on a trip to Shetland can sdpend up to 12 hours onboard, so there should be plenty of time to view the work!

The area for display is spacious and well lit, with lots of natural light from the windows opposite the wall. There is space for 8-9 pieces, and the size of the exhibit allows me to try out different techniques, exploring my interest in mosaics and mixed media.

The opportunity does pose a challenge, however, in that the brief for the work is an Orkney theme. (Hrossey’s sister ship, the Hjaltland, is showcasing Shetland).

So,  I made a quick trip south to collect reference materials, photos, shells, sands, sea glass and sea pottery from around Orkney.

The islands have stunning landscape, as does Shetland, so I am keen to promote that and not necessarily focus on the well known tourist sites, as there are lots of interesting places throughout the isles.

The exhibition is up!.  I’d love to hear what you think if you get a chance to see it!