What resin do I use!

Having spent the last 3 years dabbling in resin I have tried many kinds. There is a huge variety of resins which is a bit confusing.  I often get asked what resin do I use!

For my artwork I only use Epoxy  resin. But within Epoxy resin there is also a large variety of brands! Some cheap some very expensive. Not to mention shipping to the Shetland isands!

I have found the brand Art Resin to be the best if you wish to clear coat a painting for example.  It has all the properties (which makes it expensive) such as UV stabilized (so wont go yellow) and easy mix ratio e.t c  but can be very bubbly and slower to dry than others.

For casting into molds I have found Eli- Chems master cast the best!

It is very quick drying compared to most, crystal clear and not too bubbly! Also easy equal parts mixing.  Some resins have to be weighed to calculate complicated ratios for mixing.

For making coasters or place mats, Eli-chems ultra cast is definatly the best as it is heat resistand to 90 degrees!

All can be bought easily online.


I have been delighted to have my artwork feature on the front page Eli-Chems facebook group of 20K members!


Instagram for Art

Instagram for Art

As an artist and creative business owner, promoting my work online and on social media is a key part of my business. And as a keen Instagram user, I was really excited to attend a workshop by writer and photographer Jessica Rose Williams, held recently in Lerwick.

Jessica came to Shetland with Promote Shetland (you can read her blog post on her time in the isles here) and while she was here, ran a workshop on getting the most from Instagram for small business.

It was held at The String, a cafe and restaurant which opened in Lerwick in the summer, and is one of a handful of exciting new businesses to bless “da street”.

The workshop gave a really good overview of the things to focus on to maximise the platform for a small business, and it was nice to connect with other creatives and small business owners at the same time.

Thank you to everyone who likes and comments on my posts of Facebook and Instagram!

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Donations of treasure!

Donations of treasure!


Living in a small community like Shetland has many benefits, as I’m sure many of you know. It is safe, there’s a great community spirit and people are usually very keen to help each other out – as I’ve been finding recently!

I’ve been making art pieces using sea glass and other beach finds for exactly three years now, and as a result am known locally for using such materials – so much so that people have been giving me surprise donations of materials!

I’ve been so thrilled and grateful to receive these. So far these have included goodies such as a bag of stone crystals left on my doorstep, a box of sea glass and pottery pieces, a box of drift wood and several hauls of mixed beach finds and shells – often donated by people who have decided to declutter unwanted childhood collections. It is great for me, and I’m always surprised when people give up their treasure.

In one box, there was a particularly rare piece in amongst the sea glass: a beautiful turquoise coloured glass, with a ribbed texture to it. I decided to take it to a workshop run by local silversmith Esme Wilcock and learn how to create a piece of jewellery using sea glass and fine silver.

After a fascinating day I managed to complete the challenge, and created a stunning pendant! I showed it to the person who donated the glass to me, and she loved it so much that she wanted to

buy it, to give to her mother. It turns out it was her mother who had originally found the glass, and as it was soon going to be her 90th birthday, it seemed like the perfect present.

It was a reluctant sale, but I decided it should go back to the person who found it. It’s funny how things work out sometimes.

Shetland landscape painting

Shetland landscape painting

As a break form painting by myself, I am currently enjoying attending a painting evening class, with the lovely artist – Heathter Wilson. The theme for the 8 week course is landscapes and we have been given a beautiful photo of a landscape with and orange and purple sky, reflecting in water, on the island of Yell, Shetland. I was excited to see that was our subject and could not wait to get to the painting stage! I have chosen to paint the final piece on plywood board as prefer it to paper. We are currently half way and I cant wait to show you the final piece!

Now on the final week – here is my painting, ready to frame.   50 x 40 cms