What resin do I use!

Having spent the last 3 years dabbling in resin I have tried many kinds. There is a huge variety of resins which is a bit confusing.  I often get asked what resin do I use!

For my artwork I only use Epoxy  resin. But within Epoxy resin there is also a large variety of brands! Some cheap some very expensive. Not to mention shipping to the Shetland isands!

I have found the brand Art Resin to be the best if you wish to clear coat a painting for example.  It has all the properties (which makes it expensive) such as UV stabilized (so wont go yellow) and easy mix ratio e.t c  but can be very bubbly and slower to dry than others.

For casting into molds I have found Eli- Chems master cast the best!

It is very quick drying compared to most, crystal clear and not too bubbly! Also easy equal parts mixing.  Some resins have to be weighed to calculate complicated ratios for mixing.

For making coasters or place mats, Eli-chems ultra cast is definatly the best as it is heat resistand to 90 degrees!

All can be bought easily online.


I have been delighted to have my artwork feature on the front page Eli-Chems facebook group of 20K members!


Happy New Year from Shetland

Happy New Year from Shetland

2018 has started off quickly for me, with the first exhibition up!

I have space in Islesburgh Community Centre in Lerwick, Shetland for the month of January. This is a great space a the entrance of the busy building. January is the month the fire festivals start, with many visitors staying in the Islesburgh hostel next door, so may enjoy looking at my colourful artwork too.  I have added some viking boats to my artwork especially. My main piece of new work on show is my Mousa Broch painting. I have built the broch with tiny stones collected from the beach near the broch, it is priced at £450 and measures 50 x 50 x 4.5 framed.

Craft fair weekend!

Craft fair weekend!


It’s been busy few weeks preparing for Shetland’s annual Christmas Craft Fair, which is this weekend!

The craft fair is a hugely popular event in Shetland – it attracted over 4,000 visitors last year. It’s also a special event for Sarah Kay Arts, as it was here that I first tried selling my artwork, two years ago. I had such a great time and got such a good response that I haven’t looked back since!

The fair is held at the Clickimin Centre, in Lerwick. The restricted parking there can cause a bit of a headache but hopefully it won’t be too much of an issue!

It is a wonderful event: the halls are packed out with a huge number of stall holders displaying a diverse range of products, with everything from knitwear and textiles to pottery, art and fashion. It’s a great opportunity to get some extra special, locally made Christmas gifts, too.

Having a stall is a brilliant experience, and great practice for anyone thinking about taking part in trade fairs off the isles.

2017 will mark my third fair and, following feedback from previous years, I’ll have a range of work on display priced from £2.50 to my higher end pieces, at £250. Items under £25 were sought after so I tried to accommodate this.

Using sea glass and sea pottery in art has become quite popular, so I’ve had to be careful that my new items are original and not too similar to anything else. I double checked with two other crafters just be sure, and they were grateful for my enquiry. Shetland is a very small place, so it’s important to work together and support one another.

Sarah Kay Arts will be at stall number 59, so come and say hello. See you there!

Art in Orkney!

Art in Orkney!

New outlets for my art: Orkney

There have been some exciting developments going on lately, which I’m excited to share with you!

Sarah Kay Arts has expanded into two outlets in Orkney.

Both are in Kirkwall, Orkney’s capital: Judith Glue, a well established gifts, knitwear and homeware shop on Kirkwall’s man street, and Mirrie Dancers – a brand new Shetland based chocolatiers which recently expanded, opening a new shop on Albert Street.

I had been aiming to have my work stocked in Orkney at some point, and while this is a bit sooner than i had expected, as a hige fan of the isles I’m utterly delighted.

I’ve been visiting Orkney for years and adore it. We regularly take weekend breaks there, usually out of the summer season.

I enjoy collecting seaglass and pottery from the beaches there, and only use genuine Orkney beachfinds in the artwork I sell there. I really hope people like it – I’d love to know what you think!

New Farm Shop & Cafe, Shetland

New Farm Shop & Cafe, Shetland

Mackenzie’s Farm Shop

There’s an exciting new venture opening up in Shetland’s south mainland. As well as being a real asset to the local community Mackenzie’s Farm Shop will, I’m happy to say, be another outlet for my work.

Mackenzie’s Farm Shop is in Cunningsburgh, and due to open in June. I first met Hazel Mackenzie, who along with her husband Kenneth is opening the shop, at my first ever craft fair in November 2015. She told me about their plans for the shop and showed interest in my painted wooden boards.

I can’t believe how the time has passed, and now the shop is nearly open! I recently took a trip to see the space and deliver some painted wooden boards, framed washing line pictures and some new greetings cards, all of which will be available to sell when the farm shop is open, and having had a preview I can say the space looks great!

The Mackenzie’s plan to sell local produce – fresh vegetables, local eggs and meat – and everyday items as well as fancy goods, and there will be a lovely spacious cafe with an open fire too. There is also space to let for any other business venture (one unit is already taken up by a beauty therapist).

I’m looking forward to seeing the place open for business and hope it is a real success. I’m sure it will be.