Have you seen the magical Aurora Borealis in the sky?

Living in the Shetland Islands we are spoilt with Aurora, Shetlander’s have their own name for the Aurora show – Mirrie Dancers.

This Jewellery collection has been inspired by my love for our night skies. Own your own piece of Aurora borealis to treasure.

Created with resin, glow in the dark green, metallic pigments, a hint of sparkly stars and imagination. Each piece of jewellery varies slightly, making it original.



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Night sky inspired jewellery.

I love to try out different styles of pendants and have designed this collection to offer a choice of shapes.

Each pendant is hand made using high quality epoxy resin with metallic pigments, the green glows in the dark.

I supply a mix of shapes unless a preference is requested. No two pendants are ever the same.

Each pendant is hung on a coloured adjustable cord (8-20 inch) and comes with an organza bag.

Choice of cord colours - Black, Neon, blue.

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Cord choice

mixed colours ", " mostly neon ", " mostly balck ", " mostly blue


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