Resin pour artwork- Shoormal


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We are spoilt in Shetland to see the Aurora borealis in the night sky – even better while on the beach. I have incorporated both in this resin artwork.

Resin pour artwork - Shoormal

This stunning piece of resin pour artwork has been created using epoxy Art resin and the highest quality metallic pigments.
The base board is MDF and measures 70 x 40 x 1 cm. This is one of a kind and has a super glossy finish, no need to frame.

This is a stunning piece of art that captures the power and beauty of the ocean. The resin creates a realistic wave effect, giving the painting a sense of movement and energy. It would be perfect for anyone who loves the sea and beautiful night sky. This piece is inspired by the night sky at the beach - Titled Shoormal. Shoormal is a Shetland dialect word referring to the high tide mark. Here a wave is fully stretched out over the sand to leave its mark The wave has been created using white alcohol ink on shimmering mica sand.

Photos never do resin artwork justice! Thank you for looking at my work!


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