Resin Art Seascape – Orca


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Original resin art seascape. Inspired by the northern Scottish Isles on Shetland. 40 cm circle.

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Resin Art Seascape inspired from the many beaches and sea views that surround the Scottish Isles. We are spoilt in Shetland being surrounded by a beautiful coastline, always near the sea. I am fascinated by the ever changing seas from dangerous massive waves to complete still calm water.
I love to use liquid resin to represent the sea in my artwork. This piece is 4-5 layers of coloured resin and alcohol ink, with a super glossy finish.

This piece measures 40 cm across and is the middle size of circles I make. We are also spoilt with the constant presence of Orcas around the islands, I love to celebrate them with the addition to my artwork.

measures  40 cm across, signed and ready to hang.



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