Beach Inspired brooches. Individually designed and hand made in Shetland. Using beach finds, sand & seaweed. choice of designs, to be original.



Super glossy beach brooches, chunky style with real beach finds from The Shetland Islands.

Shetland beach inspired brooches.

I have used tiny pieces of shell, seaweed sea glass, sand and sea urchin shell from the coast line of Shetland and set them into crystal clear resin.

Each one is individual and the perfect keep sake from Shetland. If you have a specific shell you would like let me know.

I have shimmering night black, a sparkling white or striking sea blue to choose from.

Also choose a Heart, Oval or framed round design brooch, all measuring 3.5-4.5 cms


Thank you for looking at my artwork!

Additional information


Blue “, ” White “, ” Black

brooch design

love heart 3.5cm ", " Oval 4 x 3 cm ", " framed circle 4.5cm ", " circle 3.5 cm


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