Serving tray- made using dried flowers – functional art.



SALE – Final 2 resin finished trays – made using garden flowers. Reduced due to imperfections.

Serving trays.

I have used dried garden flowers and set into wooden serving trays using resin. The resin is heat resistant up to 90 degrees, so is fully usable with tea pot etc

I have 2  trays left and  will not be making more.  Each one is hand painted and have a variety of garden flowers added.

The white finished tray measures approx 40 x 30 cms and the dark brown one measures approx 45 x 35 cms. Both a solid wood.  They are both reduced in price as they have the smallest imperfections. But still very charming with a Shetland Croft house.

Thank you for looking at my artwork!

Additional information

White or Brown

White tray “, ” Brown tray


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