Aurora borealis buttons, Shetland mirrie dancers inspired.



Aurora borealis buttons, hand crafted in Shetland by artist – Sarah Kay.

Aurora borealis buttons -

These ones come in 2 sizes -  Medium 2.5 cm across  or small 2 cm across, they do not have a rim.

Each button is individually hand made and is  inspired by our amazing Aurora borealis skies here in Shetland, locally known as Mirrie Dancers. Each button is slightly different, but I try and sell them as matching pairs.

They are made from liquid resin mixed with metallic pigments and some glitters. If you would like them to GLOW IN THE DARK  please make sure to select that option when ordering.

The photos never do them justice!

Additional information


Mainly green glow in dark “, ” Mainly green no glow in dark “, ” Blue glow in dark “, ” Blue no glow in dark “, ” Purple glow in dark “, ” Purple no glow in dark.


medium 2.5 cm ", " small 2.0 cm ", " large 3cm rim


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