Art commission.

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My first commission
I recently had the pleasure of receiving my first commision for a piece of art. I’ve always felt a bit unsure of accepting commissions, but in this instance I’ve taken on the challenge as there is no pressure on time, and the subject is exactly my cup of tea!
It is for a lovely sea view from a house in South Whiteness, in Shetland. I’ve been to visit and have taken lots of photos as a starting point, and I plan to re-visit several times to catch a sunset and see the view in different lights, and the shore at high tide.
The work will take the form of three different styles: a collage, a bright sunset view and a more realistic acrylic painting.
My client already has a mixed media painting of mine, and were apparently attracted to the intense colours i love to use. I feel lucky that I tend to have repeat customers, it’s lovely to know my art is so appreciated.